If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


"The Dental Arts Group in Johnston is an extremely professional, technical, state of the arts office where you feel comfortable, valued as a patient, and needs and questions answered.  Dr. McFarland and assocaites treat their patients in a caring and friendly manner where one feels 'at home' "

- Diane D.


"My experience with Dental Arts has always been exceptional!!! I have recommended friends who feel the same.  The office has always been friendly and professional.  Thanks guys for always making my experience at your office comforable, and personable :-)"

- Emilia


"I have been going to Dental Arts for quite a few years now.  The staff there is so friendly, and they make you feel like part of their family.  Dr. McFarland is the best.  He genuinely cares about his patients.  I especially like that he calls me by my name.  It may  not mean much to some people, but it just makes me feel good."

- Linda K.


"Last week was the first visit for my 4 year old daughter.  Initially I dreaded the experience counting the days for her to go.  I remember as a child how afraid I was to go to the dentist.  Well...to my surprise it was the best experience I could have asked for.  Julie was fun, she let my daughter Serena explore all the noisy little tools that would have normally been intimidating.  My daugher left with smiles and actually asked if she could stay a little longer to play with Julie...and yes she had a cleaning too...Excellent job Julie.  I have told at least 10 people about the experience and so has my daughter!!! Keep it up!"

- Lori C.


"I've had dental problems from my lupus and Dr. McFarland & his staff have been great.  He is very thorough with my exams and has worked around flare-ups when necessary.  He & his staff are very sensitive to my pain levels and are gentle with my cleanings."

- Joanne


"Friendly and knowledgable staff, excellant service."

- Anonymous


"I have been a patient at Dental Arts Group for years and still enjoy coming in and not only seeing the staff, but enjoy the 'bedside' manner of the professionals that I have an appointment with. Dr. McFarland is not only great, but he treats me like a member of his family. He always asks me how my family is & always has a smile, we joked around and that is how I feel about the entire staff. They all deserve to be congratulated on a job well done."

- Domenic C.


"I have been to many dentists in my life, but Dental Arts has exceeded them all. Dr. McFarland knows his stuff and always goes out of his way to be pleasant and friendly. I fyou give Dental Arts a try, you will never go anywhere else!"

- Gail


"Dental Arts is a warm and inviting facility. The staff is always upbeat and many smiles are constantly being exchanged. It makes your visit a pleasant experience. Give this place a try and you won't be disappointed. It's extremely clean and very organized. When you give a smile you get a smile..."

- Spencer D.


"My wife and I have been patients of Dr. McFarland since he opened his office.  He is without a doubt focused on the most modern equipment and techniques available.  He not only trains his staff well; they are always very professional and knowledgeable.  It has been our pleasure having this wonderful staff and doctors attending to our dental needs.  A sincere thanks to all."

- Bruno T.


"In the East or in the West the staff of Dental Arts Group are the best."

- Loretta Q.


"Your staff has exceptional customer service and is always professional and friendly.  I never have to wait for my appointment because they are always on time.  I work in customer service and have high standards in regards to this.  If I had to grade your office, I would give you an A++++++!  Thank you for making my dental appt's easy, fun, and stress free!"

- Andria B.


"Service there is prompt, courteous, friendly, efficient, and personal."

- Rosemarie C.


"Do yourself a big favor.  If your dentist or hygienist is not meeting up to your expectations you should switch to the Dental Arts Group.  Their hygienists are very thorough and have wonderful personalities.  Dr. McFarland is very knowledgeable and up to date on all the latest in dentistry plus he has a great sense of humor and makes you feel at ease.  I highly recommend the Dental Arts Group!"

- Doreen